The Conference focus is on MISSION

The name of the conference “Go & Make!” arises from the Great Commission given by Jesus: “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations” (Matthew 28:19).

The central theme of the conference is the fulfillment of the missionary task in our time using contemporary methods. Along with the act of going, the focus is also on discipleship. We believe that this combination will guide us toward the right goal. Proclaiming the gospel requires an intentional plan to help new believers grow as disciples of Jesus. The Go & Make! Conference is specifically designed to inspire, ignite passion, connect, and equip attendees. We hope participants will return from the conference strengthened, applying new methods, and carrying a renewed vision for the missions task.

Together, we are stronger in fulfilling Jesus’ mandate to reach all nations, languages, and tribes in our time.

The Pentecostal World Conference is partnering with The Send movement. The Send is both a global movement and a national campaign whose mission is to send youth and young adults to live out the Great Commission. This cooperation is based on a shared vision of spreading the gospel, elevating the importance of missionary work and engaging the next generation. All of this occurs in close collaboration with local churches.